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Gymkamaths - Gymkamaths is an educational software to learn mathematics. It r...

Math Attack

Math Attack - Help the general to eradiquate the monsters by calculating thei...

Quick Math

Quick Math - Pick up the symbol to complete the equation as quickly as possible.

Math Lines

Math Lines - Destroy ball by forming pairs that add up to 10.

Mad For Penguins

Mad For Penguins - Find the matching penguins and learn penguin facts.

Drop A Block

Drop A Block - Stop the toppling letter blocks from reaching the sky by makin...

Know your fruit

Know your fruit - The quiz about fruit is finally here and not just about any...

World Flags Quiz

World Flags Quiz - In this game a flag will be shown and you will need to cho...

World Capitals Quiz

World Capitals Quiz - n this game you will be given a question asking you abo...

Straight to the exit 2

This time you're going to control a green monster to the exit door. The game ...

Beaver Trouble Typing

Someone is in trouble my friends! Indeed! A baby beaver got lost and now his ...

Agent Higgs

Agent Higgs must hide from the scientists in this particle physics puzzler.

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